Pre Natal Yoga


Pre Natal classes with Rachel are about enjoying the journey of pregnancy while optimising your emotional and physical health. Rachel teaches with humour, compassion and clarity.  Her classes focus on breath awareness and deep relaxation.  Classes offer a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth with active birth and yogic postures to develop flexibility, strength and tone.  Her classes aim to nourish you physically and emotionally specialising in preparing mums for conscious birth and mindful motherhood.

Rachel’s classes prepare and inspire women to birth consciously and to find a balance of strength and surrender. Her teaching is informed by her experiences of her pregnancies and her births.  Through the challenges of physical complications during her own pregnancy and birth to awakening her innate birthing wisdom to experience a VBAC for her second birth, Rachel brings this experience, emotional awareness and learnt wisdom to help other mothers to consciously integrate the body, heart and mind.  Classes offer an opportunity to listen deeply to our body, our feelings, our intuition, our growing baby and our spirit. Consciously connecting to your baby, developing resources to move comfortably and graciously through pregnancy and birth, trusting and embracing your intuition to awaken your own bodies birthing wisdom.

The practices you learn within Rachel’s yoga classes, guide mothers to trust and awaken their own birthing wisdom and embrace the intensity of birth, life and mothering.

Rachel is a mother of two beautiful boys and is a member of Yoga Australia and IYTA International Yoga Therapists she has an advanced diploma in yoga teaching and graduate qualifications in prenatal yoga and is a certified active birth practitioner.

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